Our hardwood flooring specialists will refinish your hardwood floors using the least messy techniques and will ensure that your new floor lasts for years.

Wood Floor Sanding
Wood Floor Sanding

Sanding, Refinishing and Restoration for New and Existing Hardwood Floors

Real hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to a home and bring an effect rarely met with other flooring types. However, over time, the beauty of the hardwood floor fade, due to dirt and abuse. Refinishing a hardwood floor can give your old floor a brand-new look and give it the shine and beauty it once had.

Some areas that often exhibit wear are halls, entryways, and kitchens. If you have scratches, wear, and fading apparent throughout your hardwood floor, a good refinishing hardwood floor process may be the best option for you. Depending on the wood you may even be able to change the finish to darker or lighter tones. This is one of the great advantages of hardwood flooring: it can be sanded and refinished many times over its lifetime.

When your hardwood floors appear dull or worn out, our wood floor refinishing service can turn it around and make it new again. Even if you’ve moved to a new home, you may be able to use the same hardwood floor that was installed by the previous owners and after a good refinishing of the hardwood floors your home will look spectacular.

What is the sanding and refinishing process like?

We often get asked whether the refinishing process is messy, or if it includes sanding and scraping the surface of the floor. While we do sand the floors in order to remove the old surface level layer, we have methods and techniques that keep dust to a minimum. We’re also very efficient and our team of flooring specialists is very effective in turning the project around quickly.

How long will the refinished floor last?

There are many factors that affect the longevity of a newly refinished wood floor, but through proper maintenance and a well upkeep, you should keep your floor looking beautiful for many years to come. Our hardwood flooring specialists will teach you how to best take care of your floor.​

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