If you are looking for the best wood floor refinishing team in Phoenix AZ, look no further.  We are a local, Arizona based business of hardwood professionals looking to get your floor looking stunning.

Wood Floor Refinishing
Wood Floor Refinishing

Not sure about hardwood floor refinishing? Here are a few questions that may help you on your quest to better hardwood floors.

Are your hardwood floors looking tired, worn or old?

Hardwood floors are some of the most beautiful options out there. They exhibit beautiful colors, give a natural feel to your home and facilitate a luxurious feel for your decor. But in time, they can fade and become worn. This is what we specialize in: giving your hardwood floors a such a beautiful refinish, you will fall in love with them all over again.​

Can water damaged hardwood floors be fixed through refinishing hardwood floors?

Absolutely! We always come out to see what the status of your hardwood floors currently is. We then provide you with a FREE quote and walk you through the process and how long it will take. Wood floor refinishing is a process that must be done properly to bring out the original nuances of wood floors that people love. Our hardwood refinishing professionals have years of experience in making sure that you will end up falling in love with your hardwood floor all over again.​

Should I cover up my worn hardwood floor instead of refinishing?​

Absolutely NOT! Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition and one that will definitely increase the value of your property. Usually, all an older hardwood floor needs is a good refinishing job. Because of the delicate nature of handling older hardwood floors, experience is paramount in making sure that your floor will end up looking spectacular – LIKE NEW!​

What type of hardwood floor can be refinished?​

While the variety of hardwood floor is large, we often work with oak hardwood floors, fir hardwood floors, top nailed hardwood floors, water damaged hardwood floors, stained hardwood floors, plank oak hardwood floors, exotic hardwood floors and many more. Give our professionals a quick call at (623) 444-5503 to get a quick and FREE quote.

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