Vinyl LVP Floor Installation

Because of our extensive experience in flooring installation services, we can handle small or large LVP Vinyl flooring installation projects.

While most of the products we install and work with are hardwood, engineered hardwood floors, refinishing and resurfacing hardwood floors, tile, and stone, we can also handle the vinyl installation for your home.

Vinyl flooring has its advantages in that it is economical, easy to install and ideal for smaller less used spaces. It tends to mimic hardwood fairly well, however, keep in mind that there is a significant difference between hardwood flooring and vinyl LVP. Also, vinyl has a much longer lifespan than hardwood does.

A lot of our customers often prefer to do a combination of hardwood and vinyl, with hardwood taking space in the kitchen and living room areas, while vinyl being used in places where there is more foot traffic.

Regardless of where you are looking to install vinyl LVP flooring, give us a call and get a free estimate. Our team of professional vinyl flooring installers is ready to answer your call.

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