No matter how hard you try, eventually your hardwood floor may suffer some damage. Whether this is caused by traffic, accidents, spills, furniture or other causes, rest assured that our hardwood flooring professionals can help repair your damaged wood floor.

Hardwood Repair

Every wood repair job is different, but we start by coming over and analyzing the damage suffered, how long ago it happened and what type of hardwood you currently have. We then provide you with a plan on what we’ll do in order to fix it along with a FREE, no obligation quote.

Most repair jobs are quick and inexpensive; however, keep in mind that repairing a damaged hardwood floor is always cheaper than putting in a new one.

Don’t throw out your old floor!

We may be able to repair it or refinish your hardwood floor – this way you keep your floor, but we’ll make it look like brand new! Give us a call and get a FREE NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE.

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