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Wood Flooring
Wood Flooring

If you’re looking at hardwood flooring restoration, it means that you’ve already had the hardwood installed. Or perhaps, it came with the property (house or office) that you have recently purchased.

If the hardwood flooring option you see now isn’t up to par – it may have worn out, or there may be scratches, dents and wear patterns – then you may have the option to restore the wood floor.

Why replace wood flooring?

If the hardwood floor you’ve inherited or installed at some point in the past has been refinished more than 5 times throughout its life, then it may be time to replace it. Additionally, old hardwood floors may squeak or make noise as you walk on them causing annoyance and a noisy environment to live in. furthermore, a floor may be better replaced if there is significant damage throughout the space in which it was installed or there are planks and pieces missing altogether.

To understand the process of refinishing it’s important to note that every time a floor is restored, it is first sanded (see Sanding New and Existing Wood Floors for more information) to remove imperfections or wear. This process reduces the thickness of the hardwood floor and after a few refinishes, the parts that hold the floor together will start to show through. At this stage, we recommend a complete replacement of your hardwood floor.

Why refinish or restore hardwood floors?

Wood floor refinishing is a delicate process that requires attention to detail in order to cause as little effect on the integrity of the wood and lower the amount of dust and debris that will come out of the technique. We start by sanding the current stain from the wood floor and remove any imperfections, damage or spots that have been caused over time. We then thoroughly clean the wood floors, and apply a new finish.

This is another benefit of refinishing hardwood floors. It gives you the chance to chance the finish of your current hardwood without changing the wood itself. Also, it is cheaper than doing a complete hardwood floor installation.

It’s important to note, however, that refinishing hardwood floors is a process that takes some time – applying coats of new stains, sealants and glosses require time to cure and dry. The good news is that in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas around Arizona, the environment is generally dry and hot, so the process is much faster than other, more humid environments.

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