If you’re hardwood floor isn’t looking its best anymore and years have passed since it was installed, it may be due for a refinishing hardwood floors process.

Distressed Wood Flooring Installation
Distressed Wood Flooring Installation

Many of our customers who live in Phoenix, AZ come to us with questions about keeping their old hardwood floor, but giving it a second life. It’s called refinishing hardwood floors, and it’s a process that takes old floors and makes them look brand new again.

Over time, your floor may have gotten signs of wear, such as dents, scratches, differences in varnish color, furniture that has damaged the wood floor and many others. Our team can easily asses what your best course of action will be. Sometimes, a new wood floor refinishing may not be possible due to too many previous restorations.

But often, a new wood floor refinishing is just what you need.

Hardwood floors are made of durable materials and often is one of the best alternatives for a new home. They are exquisitely beautiful and bring about a sense of warmth to your home. Some hardwood floors can be of teak, oak, cherry, walnut, maple or pine – but our showroom has a huge variety of hardwood floor types, so you definitely have a ton to choose from. But it’s important to note that making sure a proper maintenance schedule is kept in place will ensure that your wood floor will last years.

Electric vacuum cleaners, brooms, dust mops can all help keep debris away from the floor and thus not be carried around the house on socks or shoes. Keeping matts at entryways can also make sure that rocks, dirt and other fragments are not brought into the home either.

But even with this in place, it may be time to give your floor a good wood floor refinishing.

Let our team of hardwood flooring experts asses if your floor is due for a full restoration process. We give free no obligation estimates and our showroom is right around the corner in Phoenix, AZ.

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