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Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Do you live in Chandler, AZ and need hardwood flooring installed properly? Here’s why you should hire a local, licensed hardwood floor installer.

We have customers to try to install their own hardwood floors, and while this may sound like a sound cost-saving idea, it’s important to consider a few characteristics beforehand. First and foremost, if you have experience working with hardwood floors, tend to have rather great handyman skills and have a hardwood installation product kit, you could give it a try and be satisfied.

However, if you are working with more exotic hardwood flooring types (e.g. Brazilian cherry), you should consider hiring an experienced team with experience in dealing with more delicate hardwood products that can guarantee the end result you’re looking for.

Hardwood flooring is tricky and requires a great deal of knowledge to handle, so don’t base your decisions solely on price; remember that your floor will be in your home for years to come, and a poor job will be a constant reminder of a bad decision. Also, once the floor is in, there may not be any way to salvage it after an inexperienced team has worked with it.

To avoid any problems in the future, remember the following tips on hardwood floor installation.

Be protected by wood floor industry standards

Licensed hardwood installers perform according to standards set by trade associations, such as the National Wood Flooring Association for hardwood floor installers. This means that from the moment you’re provided with a quote, planning and preparing the subfloor correctly, acclimating the hardwood flooring based on the Chandler, AZ environment and using the right equipment to make sure the floor lasts a lifetime.

Insurance and keeping your hardwood floor safe

Licensed installers also carry insurance to cover and work-related damages. There are a multitude of things that could go wrong with no fault on either side, but hiring a licensed local hardwood installer will keep you and the team protected in case that something does go wrong.​

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