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Hardwood Flooring

Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors

Maintaining your hardwood floors is crucial to guaranteeing that they continue to look great for many years to come. Compared to dirty floors, clean hardwood floors are subjected to less wear over time. Besides giving your home or business a better feel, maintaining and cleaning your hardwood floors will give your investment a better return. Scratches, dirt or other imperfections can be taken care of rather easily.

How to give your hardwood flooring the best preventative maintenance

While it’s important to note that everyone’s time is valuable and no one wants to waste hours cleaning floors, the good news is that hardwood floors are a relatively low maintenance alternative. Floor mats placed at entrances (on both sides) can help reduce the amount of dirt or debris that is brought in on shoes. Even asking guests to remove shoes can go a long way to guarantee clean hardwood floors for longer periods of time.

This is particularly important if outside is raining or during wet periods of time. But for those who live in Buckeye, AZ or Phoenix, AZ, rain tends to be less of an issue with hardwood flooring products.

How to clean hardwood floors?

Among the most widely used methods to pick up dust, hair, dirt, or other minute pieces of debris, a dust mop or microfiber cloth can be a great and simple choice. A broom is also an alternative to a microfiber cloth, though it doesn’t do an equally great job in picking up dirt off of your hardwood floors.

How to perform deeper cleaning of your hardwood floors?

Over time, even with regular cleaning dirt can still build up. Given that hardwood floors require maintenance to make sure that they last for years, regular deep cleaning is crucial. You can use wood cleaning products and a mop to give your hardwood flooring a regular makeover that will remove dirt in a way that microfiber cloths cannot. Make sure to select products that are not acidic and nontoxic, thus ensuring that your home is kept save and your floors looking absolutely great.

How often should you polish your wood floors?

Wood flooring products should be polished every 2-3 months to ensure proper maintenance and give them a long life. This will ensure that the wear from cleaning doesn’t remove the shine that the original new hardwood floors once came with.

Still not sure about maintaining your hardwood floors? Get a professional to come out and give you a free quote on hardwood flooring installation. We’ll then teach you how to ensure your wood floors look beautiful for years to come.

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